Professional Organizer's Logo Design Toolkit

A Customized Business Logo That You Can Actually Afford!

Why settle for a cookie-cutter clip-art logo, or haggle over hourly rates with a freelance designer? This branding package gives Professional Organizers everything they need for a professional persona -- business card, letterhead, envelope, and more!

If you want to succeed as a Professional Organizer, you need the right tools -- and that includes an attractive, professional, and memorable logo. But you don't have to worry about your creative skills or artistic abilities, because my husband and I have put together the perfect logo design "jump-start" kit.

Everything You Need To Create A Memorable Brand

A successful logo is more than just a picture on a piece of paper. It serves as a unique graphic representation of your business identity -- first impressions count, and your logo needs to be visually engaging if you want to catch a potential customer's eye. As the original developer of, Matt created every single piece of hand-drawn artwork on the site -- literally hundreds of original and creative graphics related to getting organized. And since we sold the business, Matt has continued to design logos and artwork for individual Professional Organizers (including me -- I couldn't have asked for a more fitting logo at!)

After more than 10 years in the business, my husband understands the challenges that organizers face in trying to promote their services -- his goal is to provide an affordable and effective graphic art solution that is customized to suit the needs of this industry. Whether you're a beginning organizer who is just starting to establish an professional identity, or a veteran P.O. who is frustrated with your current branding and would like a graphic overhaul -- no matter what your style or business goals, Matt's natural talents will help you to stand out from the crowd!

This package includes the creation of a unique logo for your company, specifically designed to suit the personality of your business. That logo will then be scaled and formatted into a business card template, a letterhead template, and an envelope template. Matt will give you these high-resolution graphic files on disc in several different formats (ex: gif, jpg, tif, psd, ai, pdf) that can be used for multiple purposes. Put your logo on the web, include it in other print pieces, downsize it for promotional products or upsize it for banners and signs -- it's like getting a dozen graphics products in one!

You might be thinking, "I'll just pick a piece of clip art" -- but do you really want a business card that looks like a hundred others? Branding can be your most valuable marketing tool, but only if you're willing to stop being an "amateur" organizer and develop a truly professional persona. On the other hand, hiring a freelance graphic designer can be expensive -- and who wants to haggle over hourly rates? This package gives you everything you need at one set affordable price. And more importantly, you will be working directly with the artist, so you are certain to be satisfied with the results. Don't settle for the same old clip art that everyone else is using, when you can have a look that is designed just for you!

This is a solid up-front investment in your company, one that will continue to repay you for years to come. And not only do you get to hit the ground running with a logo that attracts attention from day-one -- but you'll find that your business grows more quickly, you will avoid some of the unpleasant surprises your newbie colleagues experience in the first year, and you will establish your status as an organizing "expert" in no time!

About The Creators Of This Product

Professional Organizing is one of the fastest-growing industries and a great option for self-employment. Folks need help managing their time, space, and paper -- and for busy people who can't seem to do it on their own, a good Professional Organizer is worth his or her weight in gold! You can build a successful and rewarding career assisting these clients in creating order -- and my job is to jump-start your business and help you achieve success even more quickly than you would on your own!

My name is Ramona Creel, I've been a Professional Organizer since 1998, and I am a Golden Circle Member of NAPO. From the very beginning, I've seemed to have a natural instinct for what makes an organizing business successful. I did the unthinkable and actually turned a profit in my first year (and have done so every year since.) After only 6 months in business, I found myself with more clients than I could handle and raised my rates for the first time (and I continue to do so each time my business grows to a new level.) I was even awarded "Rookie Of The Year" my first year in business by my local NAPO chapter, because my company took off so quickly.

I eventually turned my love of organizing into a website called -- during the 9 years I ran the site, it won numerous national awards and grew into the largest organizing resource on the web, generating business for thousands of other organizers. Finally, I did what a lot of P.O.'s consider impossible -- I sold a successful organizing company for a healthy profit. I have since then returned to one-on-one coaching, organizing, writing, and public speaking. I'm proud to say that I have succeeded at several different business models throughout my career, both as a service provider and a product retailer -- I've sort of done it all! And I say this not to brag, but to show you that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to running an organizing company.

I have been teaching new organizers how to succeed in business for more than a decade, using these tools to educate scores of "newbies" and "veterans" alike. Being able to organize yourself is not the same thing as being able to successfully teach those skills to a client -- and just knowing how to clean out a closet or set up a filing system simply isn't enough. You must translate your talent for organization into a practical and systematic method that can be customized according to each client's needs. I will help you do just that and more -- together, we will turn your passion for order into a rewarding and self-sustaining business.

The focus is less on specific organizing methods and more on those issues related to business administration and skill development -- client relations, marketing, financial issues, legal concerns, organizing technique, developing credibility, and defining your own personal organizing philosophy. I hate to see otherwise talented organizers fail because they lack the business background to succeed as entrepreneurs -- that's why I offer the practical tools necessary to make sure that you run your business legally, that you can successfully market your services, and that you know how to deal with both difficult and routine client issues that might come up. I will teach you how to be a better business person so that you can be a better (and more professional) organizer.

I created these tools (as well as my training curriculum) because I found that most "how-to-be-an-organizer" guides involved nothing more than reading a recounting of another P.O.'s personal experiences. I discovered that organizers were more likely to succeed if they were part of an interactive process. If you choose to participate in a coaching or training program, you will be given extensive information about the topic at hand (marketing, client appointments, setting fees, contracts, etc.) -- then challenged to structure your own business policies in a way that will best accommodate your goals, lifestyle, and work preferences. This learning model lets me help you view the issues and problems of running an organizing business from your own perspective, give you guidance and feedback throughout the process, and provide and endless stream of suggestions for expanding on your ideas.

Matt Boorstin is a professional freelance web designer and illustrator. Over the years, he has created a career that sucessfully combines the technical with the artistic -- having worked in graphic art, interior design, 3D rendering, multimedia design, and web development. Some of Matt's larger clients include Hyatt, Starwood Resorts, ADP, and the Smithsonian Institution. But he also enjoys designing custom content management systems for individuals and small businesses -- creating user-friendly solutions that allow non-techies to control their own websites, blogs, and social networking. Most importantly, Matt puts his artistic talents to work on his web projects, developing unique graphic identities for branding those sites. He currently travels the country with his wife in a 1989 Airstream Excella as a full-time RVer, working both remotely and in-person with his clients. Visit Matt's website at and let him help you discover your place on the web.

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