Professional Organizer's Marketing Toolkit

The Quickest Way To Get Your Organizing Business Off the Ground!

This kit includes 33 pages of fully-customizable marketing documents designed specifically for Professional Organizers -- practical promotional tools like press releases, newsletters, fliers, follow-up correspondence, surveys, and planning calendars.

If you want to succeed at running a Professional Organizing company, you need to have the right tools -- and that includes practical promotional tools like press releases, newsletters, fliers, follow-up correspondence, surveys, and planning calendars. But you don't have to worry about creating everything from scratch, because I've put together the perfect marketing "jump-start" kit.

Everything You Need To Promote Your Business

This kit includes 33 pages of forms, templates, and sample documents designed specifically for Professional Organizers. Each one is fully customizable -- no password-protected PDFs, no read-only files, no re-creating the wheel. Edit any word or clause to suit your needs and preferences. Change the font or margins, if you like. There is dedicated space on every public document for your logo and company information. And fill-in-the-blank spots let you know where you need to make a business policy decision. You will find yourself using these documents over and over again as you market your services and yourself:
  • Elevator Speech Template (how do you respond when someone says, "What do you do for a living?" -- if you aren't sure, or tend to launch into a rambling 5-minute long explanation of the history of organizing, you need to clarify and tighten up your talk -- creating a 30-second "elevator speech" can be one of the quickest ways to interest people in your business -- this exercise will help you distill all the various services you provide down into a powerful and meaningful paragraph that packs a promotional punch! -- first impressions make a difference, so make sure your first impression is short, engaging, and to the point)

  • Organizer's Bio Template (while you might have a formal resume that follows every step of your career, outlining all of your previous employers and past responsibilities, most people aren't going to take the time to read all that before considering hiring you -- this exercise will help you create an abbreviated and energized summary of who you are and what you do, focusing heavily on relating your previous experience to your organizing career, and letting potential clients know where your passion comes from)

  • Sample Press Release (writing a press release is not an easy task, that's why people pay publicity agents the big bucks -- but there's no reason you can't do your own very successful press releases, you just need a model to follow -- this sample press release from a previous NAPO event is meant to give you an idea of what an "organizing-themed" release looks like, to let you see what your professional association focuses on when sending a release, and maybe even encourage you to join NAPO to share in their promotional prowess)

  • Press Release Template (however, simply seeing what someone else does is not enough to help you create a good press release for your company -- this template will guide you through every step, every paragraph of your next press release -- it covers everything from your headline to your hook, including compelling statistics and anecdotes about organizing trends, taking away the reader's pain, and creating a call to action)

  • Sample Marketing Calendar (your business plan tells you how to structure your company and your services, but you also need a separate plan for your marketing activities -- this sample calendar offers ideas for 12 months' worth of promotions, a record-keeping system for the events you host and marketing methods you use, and a structured way of tracking the results of each campaign -- this form not only simplifies your marketing efforts, and allows you to accomplish more with less time and effort, but also guarantees that you will be priming the pump every month with consistent and regular promotions -- this form will also help you remember to utilize the full range of marketing options, including PR, live/online events, discounts, and contests)

  • Client Follow-Up Plan Form (the goal from day one is to make sure that you keep your name in front of your clients, both potential and current -- however, that's hard to do when you have no follow-up plan -- irregular and "reactive" follow-up just doesn't work, it allows people who might hire you to fall between the cracks, and it's very time-consuming -- it's time to put a more proactive and structured follow-up plan in place for every single client, so from that first conversation, you know exactly every step you will take to keep in touch)

  • Follow-Up / Referral Letter Template (once you have completed an organizing project, your job isn't done -- now it's time to contact the client, let them know how much you enjoyed working with them, and ask them for referrals to other friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances who might be able to benefit from your services -- this letter is worded to ask for those referrals in a way that puts your client at ease and also insures a warm lead that is more likely to turn into another client -- it also includes a request for the customer to complete the attached customer satisfaction survey, letting you know areas you could improve and providing you with testimonials you can use in your marketing)

  • Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey (sometimes, you don't know how customers feel about your services until you ask -- set up in an easy-to-complete check-box format, this form offers a simple satisfaction survey, asking clients to rate your company's service according to 7 important factors, ask what additional services they might need in the future, and requests additional comments or testimonials -- it also includes a second form on which clients can provide you with contact info for up to 5 referrals of other folks who can use your services -- simply send this off with the follow-up letter and a self-addressed stamped envelope, offer your clients an incentive for returning it, and your business will grow by leaps and bounds)

  • Sample Photo Release (pictures speak a thousand words, and it's much easier for people to see the transformative power of organizing with a series of before-and-after photos -- however, if you're going to take photos of your clients' messes with the intention of publishing them in your marketing pieces or on your website or even in a book, you need to make sure you have proper permission first -- this photo release covers all the bases, including permission to use all media formats for any purpose, an understanding that the use of any photos is without monetary compensation, and a legal release for photos including both adults and minors)

  • Additional Services Letter Template (whether you started out on a closet, a desk, or time management, there comes a point where you have completed the project and are wondering what to do next -- most clients have a ton of other organizing jobs that need done, but they may not realize that you provide those services, as well -- this letter thanks the client for the work that you've done with the so far, and suggests to the client that you might be able to help them achieve the same sense of order and peace in other areas -- it goes on to describe 14 of the most common residential and business organizing services, simply pick and choose the ones that you provide through your company and follow up with a phone call to answer any questions -- and once your client is aware of your many talents, you can move forward with the next organizing project)

  • 4-Page Newsletter Template (sending out a monthly or quarterly newsletter is a great way to show off your organizing expertise, provide people with value, and keep your name in front of your clients and contacts -- however, most organizers just don't have the time to create one from scratch each time -- this newsletter template does all the work for you, complete with table formatting and graphics -- each section is set up to accommodate a specific type of information, from your "tip of the month" to a calendar of upcoming events to your main article -- just plug in your logo, choose a font and color scheme that matches your brand, insert your content, and either mail or email to your contact list -- and if you dread the idea of having to write your own content, then don't! -- you're welcome to use any of my articles, checklists, or tip sheets in your newsletter for free -- marketing has never been so simple!)

  • Flier Template (next to your business card, your flier is going to be your most versatile and often-used marketing tool -- a good flier not only describes what you do and how you help your clients, but does so in a way that lets the reader feel as though you're the perfect choice to solve all of their organizational frustrations -- and this template can be re-customized over and over again to suit different populations -- create one flier for downsizing retirees, another for working moms, a third for small business owners -- the possibilities are endless!)

  • Direct Mail Coupon Template (when you're offering a sale or promotion, how do you plan to let people know about it? -- having a good, versatile coupon mailer is key to getting the word out about your special offers -- just plug in the details of your sale, print, and mail, and you will find your customers rushing to cash in that coupon before the expiration date!)

  • Gift Certificate Template (if you are not already offering gift certificates for your organizing services, you should be -- gift certificates not only encourage existing customers to share your talents with their closest friends and family, they also allow you to offer a tangible "product" to sell -- folks who might not "hire" you for someone else are more likely to "give" you as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift -- giving away a gift certificate during a contest or charitable event or silent auction is a great way to increase brand recognition for your company -- and the chances of a certificate recipient hiring you for additional work are very high -- so use this template to create your own company gift certificate and start receiving new business every time you give)

  • Social Networking Calendar (these days, everyone tells you that you should be involved in social networking through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn -- but how do you make the time to keep in touch with contacts online when you've got so much else to do? -- this simple social networking calendar will allow you to accomplish all of your tweeting and connecting goals in just a few minutes each day -- just a few quick to-do's each morning, a few more monthly follow-ups, and you'll come across like a social networking pro -- also includes suggestions of some more advanced techniques, when you're ready to move to the next level)
Having an attorney, business coach, or assistant create all of these documents for you from scratch could easily cost you several hundred dollars -- but why pay that kind of money when it's all been done for you? Instead of wasting your precious time on administrative chores, wouldn't you rather hit the ground running and focus your attention on serving your clients? This entire kit is available for only $35, and for an even better bargain, check out the "Complete Organizer's Toolkit Combo" -- which includes the "Business Toolkit," the "Appointment Toolkit," the "Bookkeeping Toolkit," and the "Marketing Toolkit" for the discounted price of $100 (a $40 savings!)

This is a solid up-front investment in your company, one that will continue to repay you for years to come. And not only do you get to hit the ground running with a valuable arsenal of templates -- but you'll find that your business grows more quickly, you will avoid some of the unpleasant surprises your newbie colleagues experience in the first year, and you will establish your status as an organizing "expert" in no time!

About The Creator Of This Product

Professional Organizing is one of the fastest-growing industries and a great option for self-employment. Folks need help managing their time, space, and paper -- and for busy people who can't seem to do it on their own, a good Professional Organizer is worth his or her weight in gold! You can build a successful and rewarding career assisting these clients in creating order -- and my job is to jump-start your business and help you achieve success even more quickly than you would on your own!

My name is Ramona Creel, I've been a Professional Organizer since 1998, and I am a Golden Circle Member of NAPO. From the very beginning, I've seemed to have a natural instinct for what makes an organizing business successful. I did the unthinkable and actually turned a profit in my first year (and have done so every year since.) After only 6 months in business, I found myself with more clients than I could handle and raised my rates for the first time (and I continue to do so each time my business grows to a new level.) I was even awarded "Rookie Of The Year" my first year in business by my local NAPO chapter, because my company took off so quickly.

I eventually turned my love of organizing into a website called -- during the 9 years I ran the site, it won numerous national awards and grew into the largest organizing resource on the web, generating business for thousands of other organizers. Finally, I did what a lot of P.O.'s consider impossible -- I sold a successful organizing company for a healthy profit. I have since then returned to one-on-one coaching, organizing, writing, and public speaking. I'm proud to say that I have succeeded at several different business models throughout my career, both as a service provider and a product retailer -- I've sort of done it all! And I say this not to brag, but to show you that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to running an organizing company.

I have been teaching new organizers how to succeed in business for more than a decade, using these tools to educate scores of "newbies" and "veterans" alike. Being able to organize yourself is not the same thing as being able to successfully teach those skills to a client -- and just knowing how to clean out a closet or set up a filing system simply isn't enough. You must translate your talent for organization into a practical and systematic method that can be customized according to each client's needs. I will help you do just that and more -- together, we will turn your passion for order into a rewarding and self-sustaining business.

The focus is less on specific organizing methods and more on those issues related to business administration and skill development -- client relations, marketing, financial issues, legal concerns, organizing technique, developing credibility, and defining your own personal organizing philosophy. I hate to see otherwise talented organizers fail because they lack the business background to succeed as entrepreneurs -- that's why I offer the practical tools necessary to make sure that you run your business legally, that you can successfully market your services, and that you know how to deal with both difficult and routine client issues that might come up. I will teach you how to be a better business person so that you can be a better (and more professional) organizer.

I created these tools (as well as my training curriculum) because I found that most "how-to-be-an-organizer" guides involved nothing more than reading a recounting of another P.O.'s personal experiences. I discovered that organizers were more likely to succeed if they were part of an interactive process. If you choose to participate in a coaching or training program, you will be given extensive information about the topic at hand (marketing, client appointments, setting fees, contracts, etc.) -- then challenged to structure your own business policies in a way that will best accommodate your goals, lifestyle, and work preferences. This learning model lets me help you view the issues and problems of running an organizing business from your own perspective, give you guidance and feedback throughout the process, and provide and endless stream of suggestions for expanding on your ideas.

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